How To Set Yourself Apart From the Crowd

Christina Howard, Major Gifts Officer at the Franklin P. Perdue School of Business, shares her advice on how you can differentiate yourself from another equally qualified applicant.

Thank you notes

As the Major Gifts Officer for the Perdue School of Business, my job involves fundraising and ‘friend-raising’ for the school, students and programs.  In order to be successful in any line of work, or facet of life for that matter, it is important to develop relationships.  How can you differentiate yourself from another equally qualified applicant - send a handwritten note!  In this era of virtual communications, a ‘thank you’ email or text (please don’t ever do this) can easily get lost in the shuffle.  Take the time to send a handwritten and thoughtful note to each interviewer, ideally the same day for a prompt impact.  You can click HERE for more tips on why you should write handwritten ‘thank you’ notes and samples. 

Also, please keep in mind that a handwritten note is not limited to an interview follow up.  Send a note to your internship supervisor, mentor or professor.  People want to help those that show appreciation and you never know who may be able to open a door for you in the future.  Handwritten notes really do make an impact; as soon as I began working at the Perdue School in 2014, I sent my new business card and handwritten notes to all of my business contacts, sharing the news of my new job and my hope that we would continue our relationship in my new position.  I recently spoke to a donor, five years later, that mentioned that he ran across my note a few weeks ago and shared what an impact that I made by taking the time to send a handwritten note.  Happy writing!