Digging a bit Deeper

If you completed the previous activity then you should know where your preferences lie.  This activity can also help target what field you may want.  This workbook is here to help you realize what you want out of life, along with how your character can best achieve it!

The following pages will have various self assessment quizzes; free and paid for. The tests range from fun Buzzfeed quizzes to the professional Myers-Brigg Test, MBTI.  As you explore you will see that there are an array of test that will tell you more about yourself. So why not try them all?

Before going any further, take some time to think about what you picture your perfect career as.  Doing this will help you have a more concrete vision of what you actually want for your future.  Since you have already done the first activity, you should have a good idea of what criteria you hold yourself to.

Once you have completed the upcoming page, you are ready to start the quizzes.  Remember to apply what you have discovered about yourself in the following sections.