Cover Letter: The Purpose

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Writing a cover letter is considered one of the more important steps during a job application. This is not something we are taught in school but they are some of the most important papers you are going to write after graduating..

 Your goal, when writing a cover letter, should be the following:

  • Show Off Your Writing Skills:

When considering professions in: marketing, journalism, communications, and other similar careers, it is crucial to present your ability to deliver information through the written word. The cover letter is the first (and possibly the only) written piece the company will review before choosing to move forward with the application process. It’s important to catch their attention early, and in a concise manner. Make sure your cover letter is persuasive, but not too condescending.

  • Show that you have researched and have an understanding of the company/market:

It’s easy to fall into the habit of only talking about yourself when writing a cover letter. While you are going to be the main subject of this small paper, it is equally important to express knowledge of the company and their industry.

  • Show how you can provide value:

Think of yourself as a product and the company that you are applying to is a buyer. Your job here is to promote yourself in a way that proves that you are the best candidate that will contribute the most to the company. This can be achieved by telling personal success stories or tales of overcoming a hardship, or anything that demonstrates your work ethic.