Creating a LINKEDiN Profile

Creating a LinkedIn Profile is easy! Just follow these steps to make your profile stand out...

Provide a Professional Photo

This may be your first impression, so use a professional headshot.  If you don’t have one, find a way to take one.

Tip: University Career Services typically holds professional headshot events. Take advantage of this and don’t forget to smile.

2. Create a Unique Headline

Let everyone know what makes you special. This does not have to be your current position and title.

Tip: Don’t Be Afraid to Use Keywords

3. Use the Summary to Add Your Highest Achievements

These points are to communicate your unique skills and talents.  It’s not a novel!  List them in bullet form, with 5-6 points.  Get thinking “have you been a presenter at an event?” “Have you made an impact in the community?” If you haven’t achieved anything yet, highlight your goals.

4. Be as Inclusive as Possible When Building Your Profile

Include all of your skills, volunteer work, involvement and education.  Go into detail in order to show how well-rounded you truly are.  Your resume can’t fit it all, but your LinkedIn can.

5. Keep Your Work History Relevant

Although you want to include everything you can, posting about the time you were a waiter at a restaurant for one summer isn’t going to help you get a job in the professional world.

6. Add Links to Relevant Sites

This could be anything from a blog, to an online portfolio or a website. Make it easy for anyone to find online pages that highlight your achievements.

7. Ask for Recommendations and Endorsements

Let others know that you are reliable, with a positive network of trust.

8. Stay Current

Keep your page up to date.  LinkedIn is not a document, it is a working profile.

9. Add a Location

Over 30% of employers will use advanced search options, so the more details included, the more likely an employer will come across your profile.