Interviewing Tips


5 Tips to follow for interview success:

1.  Arrive on time. You have heard the saying “if you’re early you’re on time and if you’re on time you’re late”. This could not be more relevant for the interview. Show up “on time” so you don’t start out on the wrong foot. Make sure you turn off your phone!

2. Body language. Your body often speaks for you. Have a firm handshake, make eye contact, sit up straight, and allow your body to do some of the talking for you.

3. Ask questions. Most of the interview will involve the employer asking you multiple questions in which you hope to deliver the perfect response. After you practice answering, be sure to ask multiple questions and interview the employer. What do you want to know about the job you want to get?

4. Stay focused & come prepared. As soon as the interview begins, there is nothing more important to you than the time you are spending with this professional. Give them your undivided attention and come with everything they require to show you are prepared

5. Spark a conversation. The ability to show off your strong communication skills shows you can speak to potential customers and builds a relationship with the interviewer.