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Networking is one of the most important tools of the job search process. Beginning to network early on can lead you to landing an internship or a job. It's important to get yourself involved early, whether it’s a sports team, club, or fraternity or sorority, the opportunities are endless. One of the most important tips is, “5. Talk to recent graduates”. This is one of the best ways to start networking; by talking to someone who just went through the process you are currently going through. They can help you problem solve and overcome steps along your job search process that you need help with. Talking to recent graduates is also a good way to potentially get an internship or other experiences with companies.

9 career networking tips for college students:

Top 9 Career Networking Tips for College Students:

  1. Stop by your career services office

  2. Actively engage in your classes

  3. Reach out to other faculty

  4. USE LinkedIn

  5. Talk to recent graduates

  6. Take advantage of networking events

  7. Do an internship- take it seriously

  8. Ask for an informational interview

  9. Connect with your company of choice on social media