Online Portfolio

Do you have work and projects you want to showcase to potential employers? An online portfolio is the perfect solution!

Making your online portfolio seems confusing and frustrating. But thanks to many websites, making a professional and thorough online portfolio is easy! Just follow these simple steps:

1.Prepare: decide what you want your portfolio to say about you, And how it should look. There are many templates online:

2.Gather Samples: What projects have you worked on? What do you want to showcase? Gather these materials and prepare them to be on your site. Work you should include are:

square 7.png
  • excellent class projects.

  • published works.

  • projects that emphasize a certain skill.

  • More specifically, employers are looking for photography, graphics, writing and social media examples.

3. Choose your platform: There are many free sites that will host your online portfolio. We recommend:

  • Behance.

  • Seelio.

  • Dribbble.

  • Coroflot.

4. Create your site: It can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. Just make sure it looks professional and expresses you.

5. Upload materials you want to showcase!

6. Personalize it and explain it: Make sure you explain why each attachment is important to you and significant to the employer

7. Promote it: add it to your resume, post the link to your LinkedIn and on your business card